Our employees

The performance of a company is dependent on its staff. Only individuals who pursue their profession with passion on a daily basis are able to make a valuable contribution to impress customers with outstanding products and services. Niezgodka GmbH provides the necessary conditions for this and can look back on a long tradition of high social and personnel management standards.

Self-initiative and responsibility towards their own work, respect and trust between employees and company management are a legacy of the company history that is preserved by Niezgodka GmbH.

Today around 70 motivated employees take care of our products and services on the machines, on the phone to customers, in development, in production, in sales and in administration for the benefit of our customers. All employees in the company have received thorough training so that they can respond to requirements quickly, confidently and reliably.

Ongoing training programmes keep the staff at the cutting edge of their area of expertise. Sustainable behaviour is a priority in addition to core skills. This expertise forms a solid basis for the success of Niezgodka GmbH. It is not unusual for our employees to have 30 or 40 years of service with the company.