50 years of Niezgodka

50 years of Niezgodka GmbH – an occasion to reflect and celebrate. But not a reason to sit back and bathe in our past success. We can celebrate 50 years thanks to the successes of our customers, the good cooperation with our business partners and the great commitment of our employees. Our anniversary gives us all another opportunity to look forward to the future. We are convinced that it makes sense to reflect on the past if it is geared towards the future and visions for the future are born from the experience gained.

Our family company Niezgodka GmbH was able to develop because of this approach. Consistently focusing on the future and responding to changing market needs. Knowing what the customer needs. This attitude has allowed us to unlock great innovative strength and continues to do so without neglecting the core business.

We have also set ourselves a goal for the next fifty years: offering every customer something special with a great deal of passion. Every day we strive to get better.


Verena Niezgodka-Seemann    &    Dorrit Niezgodka




Anniversary brochure – 50 years of Niezgodka GmbH