The beginnings

Conrad Niezgodka

Dorrit Niezgodka

The engineering office Conrad Niezgodka was founded in Hamburg-Volksdorf in 1967. The production, testing and storage for the first valves was carried out in a self-built garage.

The design office as well as administration and sales were located on the 1st floor of the adjacent residential building where Conrad Niezgodka and his wife ran the operation.

The first leaflets and price lists were handwritten and sent to potential customers with a personal letter.

Some of the first buyers of Niezgodka valves are still our customers today. Deliveries to customers in the Hamburg area were made in person.

Gradually the company became more well-known beyond the city boundaries. The residential garage was bursting at the seams. So the company moved into the newly built premises in Hamburg-Sasel in 1974. The first student trainee was taken on in the same year and one year later the first employee was recruited. It soon became apparent that the company could no longer stay in Hamburg-Sasel.

The company was located in a residential area. The residents were not very pleased about the industrial use of the building and the truck traffic. So the search for new premises began again in 1976. These were found in Bargkoppelweg in Hamburg-Meiendorf where the company is still located today.

Herr Hennig, Montageleiter

Herr Conrad Niezgodka mit Herrn Drews

Technological progress found its way into the offices at the end of the 1980s.

A computer was intended to make everyday work easier.